Kingstone Bureau
Lohne Homes
Architect experienced in designing beautiful, unusual and practical houses on difficult plots.
Seeking useless properties and plots.
Country homes, summer houses, rustic renovating. Items for sale
Kingstone Bureau
Finance and money broker.
Currency consultant.
Property development.
Joint-venture projects.
Translations: English, Swedish, Persian, Arabic, Polish.
Swazi Trade & Tourist
Export and import commodities.
Food, beverages, water, cars, trucks, vehicles, oil products, and crude oil, mobile telephones, machines.
Baltic Mission
Youth exchange program.
Second-hand computer equipment.
Stock market investments in: Poland, Prussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia.
Soviet-Sweden Commerce Consult
Small company names & products.
Translations and correspondence.
Negotiations and visits.
Small Companies Growth Bureau
Consulting and direction help.
Product and market analysis.
Yale University Alumni Club
Annual graduate meeting.
University applications.
Extra income, entrepreneur course
How you can become a multi/millionaire
15 business secrets from Swedish firms
John Arnold Lohne, BSc. Ind. Admin. 1952, Yale University
N.Vaktmansgatan 65, S-426 68, GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN
+46 31 291 509
+46 31 219 300
+46 735-221 800, 708-690 400

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